I’m the Griot.  I am of African extraction, Nigerian and Yoruba (on my father’s side) to be more precise.  My sweet mother was from the Edo tribe of mid-western Nigeria.  I was born in London, though, and have lived all of my life in what is one of the world’s greatest cities.  It’s my experiences growing up and working in the UK that have shaped my cultural and political perspectives and everything I write is shaped by that fusion.  I have a keen interest in issues that affect black Britons, but I am also interested in issues that affect black people across the globe.  I intend to tackle all kind of topics on these pages in the coming months, the Iraq invasion, the British political scene, relationships, any of the things that I discuss with my friends.

I’m married with three children and I’m employed by a non-profit organisation (that I started), which tries to help people in London out of poverty.   I’ve been involved in that type of work for 14 years and I’m often asked to talk at seminars and conferences, I always try and keep it real.  I’ve been quoted in the national newspapers a few times and appeared on the telly too, but this is the first time I’ve written my own column.


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