Posted by: griot | 12 April, 2007

Hello world!

I have a lot to say and I’m taking my opportunity to say it.  I am very interested about things that affect black people in Britain, but I am also interested about other things too.

I’m starting a journey today and its going to take me to many places.   As we say round my way, “I’m trying a ting”.  I hope some of you come along for the ride, your participation and comments will be what make this happen.


The Griot



  1. The world says hello back. And how do I know this?
    Because I created the world I live in.

  2. Hi The Griot
    I found your site when I types in Stand our problems all in a row on a search engine. I remember the words from a song long time ago and often tell my wife that is what we should do. She does not know of the song and I wanted to find a copy but cant rememder who it was by or what it was called. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

  3. Guy the tune is by Donald Byrd

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